Losing 50 Pounds In 3 Months on Detox Food Diets

When losing 50 pounds in 3 months it is important to keep up your nutritional requirements. That is why it is a good idea to do a food cleanse that still allows you to eat fiber.

So, how long will it take to lose 50 pounds? If you can stick to the guidelines of the Vegetable Detox Diet or the Remineralization Diet below you can get it all off in just ninety days;

The Vegetable Detox Diet

During this cleanse, you’ll live on a diet of vegetables. The good news is that you can eat both steamed and raw vegetables. A food that is recommended in this cleanse is a soup made with steamed vegetables and blended, as well as salt-free, vegetable broth (no oil).

For example, in the morning you can have vegetable broth made from onions, carrots, garlic broccoli and other vegetables boiled in water. For lunch you can have raw vegetables like celery and cucumbers.  For a snack you can have a plate of steamed vegetables.  For dinner you can have a soup made with steamed vegetables blended in their own steaming water.

The Remineralizing Diet

The purpose of this type of diet is to lower the acidity in our body and assist it with detoxification. The second goal is to remineralize the body by eating nutrient-dense green vegetables.

This cleanse allows non acidic fruits like bananas, persimmons and sweet apples. You are also allowed fresh veggies like lettuce and celery and green smoothies made out of non-acidic fruits.

You may also eat endless amounts of avocados, nuts and seed and large amounts of vegetable juice.  Fish and meat may also be eaten on this diet within moderation.

Foods that are not allowed are acidic fruits, dried fruits and dates, grains and pasta, sugar, processed foods and junk foods.

F you’re not a committed vegetarian, try to have a portion of fish or meat along with your vegetables for dinner. This will help calm hunger and bring useful minerals in the diet. Your focus for this cleanse should be to eat as green as possible.

The Half Eating Diet

If you are wondering how to lose 50 pounds fast this diet is a great idea.  It is a simple diet that involves eating simple raw foods. The trick is to not eat anything after three or four p.m…

In the morning you would have a normal low-fat healthy breakfast. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day but it should consist of a bit of protein and mostly vegetables. You can have a snack around three pm; fruit with some yogurt is ideal. After three in the afternoon you cut yourself off from all food and drink nothing but water.

For this experience, it’s recommended to start by eating no later than 6 p.m., and then gradually reduce it to 3 p.m. After a week, listen to your body and reevaluate how you feel on the program. This program may be excellent for someone who has weight to lose, but probably less for someone who is thin. An alternative would be to have a very light supper, and have your biggest meal at noon. This, by the way, is a normal eating plan for most of the world. The majority of the world’s population only eats 2 meals a day.

The Skipping Breakfast Plan

For ninety days try skipping breakfast. Instead have a huge lunch and a light supper.

As the name of this diet implies, you skip breakfast entirely. You are allowed water and maybe some fruit.

Skipping breakfast might be difficult for some people. If you find that you are getting hungry then make breakfast your biggest meal of the day.

The Headache Free Diet

This is a diet that was put together by Dr. Furhman. Furhman is author of the book “Eat to Live”.  It was a diet that was designed to get rid of headaches but it can also facilitate extreme weight loss.

On this diet you eat entirely vegan and consume only fruits, vegetables, potatoes and brown rice.

Foods to avoid include sweets. Dairy and cheese, salted foods, pickled foods, fermented foods, chocolate, vinegar, pizza, smoked meats, alcohol, MSG, nuts, food additives, yeast hydrolyzed protein and baked goods.

The Salt Detox Program

Some people lose weight when they cut all salt out of their diet. Salt is implicated in a lot of health problem including high blood pressure.

The problem is that eating salt is such an addicting that going on a salt free diet requires a lot of courage for most people.

When you get off salt completely, there’s a certain adaptation period in which the body adjusts to a low sodium intake. During the first few days, it’s recommended to take it easy and not spend too much time sweating in the sun.

It can take as long as 21 days for your taste buds to fully appreciate foods without added salt. Salt substitutes include herbs, mild spices, onions, garlic, lemon juice, tomatoes, celery, Mrs. Dash (a low sodium condiment) and flavored vinegars.

Adding Foods After 90 Days

It can get quite boring eating nothing but raw greens, nuts and seeds for ninety days but you can mitigate it after the three months is over by adding more exciting foods such as sweet potatoes, soy milk, fish, nuts and lean meat.

To stay at a healthy weight you should also avoid dairy, fried foods, pizza, smoked meats, sausages, bacon, pork, butter, oil, bread, rolls, pasta, pastries, beer and more than one drink or coffee a day.

Avoid eating these foods, unless you want to gain all of the weight back!

Healthy Weight Loss Program: how to lose 50 pounds in 2 months

As is true of all diets and especially ones that are intended to cleanse and detoxify you should check with your doctor to make sure that it is healthy for your body. Many of the diets mentioned in this article suggest cutting your calorie intake drastically in half which is also not helpful for some types of medical conditions.

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