Losing 50 Pounds In 2 Months Through Monodieting

If you are considering losing 50 pounds in 2 months then you might want to consider monodieting. These are cleanses that go on for one or more day that only allow one type of food or meal per day.  Although somewhat tedious because you are eating the same food all the time, they do work because they are based on the principle of calorie deprivation. Also the foods including in these diets are usually quite healthy.

If you are saying to yourself, “I want to lose 50 pounds in 2 months but I do not have the money to buy expensive low-calorie organic vegetables and other diet items” then monodieting could be the answer. This is a cheaper way to diet because you are only buying one type of food day after day; usually the food is cheap as well.

There are several types of monodiets and if you follow them to the letter you will get great results in a month or even less time.

The Grape Cure

This is a fast that was invented in 1928 by Johanna Brandt. This naturopath claimed to have cured herself of cancer by eating nothing but grapes. Although it is hard to prove this it has been proving that grapes are very cleansing and very good for you.  If you choose the right type of grapes are very rich in antioxidants.

This fast involves eating only grapes for as long as you can. Most people manage to do this diet for at least a week but for best results do it for two weeks and then eat a sensible low fat diet to get the rest of the weight off during the month…  It is recommended to eat a pound of grapes a day. It is best to do this cleanse in the fall when grapes are at their peak.

With this cleanse, you want to avoid eating a lot of seedless grapes. These grapes are too rich in sugar and very low in mineral and antioxidant content. Unless you can find good-quality, seeded grapes, such as Muconcord, you should avoid this cleanse.  The grapes are too glycemic and may trigger food cravings.

Also, avoid eating huge quantities. A pound or two per meal is all you need. You can snack on some seedless grapes once a day. Make sure you also drink plenty of water.

Watermelon Cleanse

This diet is wonderful for a short cleanse during the summer. It involves eating nothing but watermelons for as long as you can. You will exclude every other type of food from your diet.

Watermelon brings rapid weigh toss and quick detoxification. For best results eat a pound or two of watermelon three or four times a day.

Watermelon is actually a diuretic so make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day so you do not get dehydrated on this diet.  The recommended amount of time to do it is two to five days. Doing it once a week for four weeks should peel those pounds off in a month with absolutely no problem.

Also, it’s important to avoid buying and eating seedless watermelon. These engineered and farmed watermelons are too low in vitamins and minerals. Try to find seeded watermelons, which prove to be harder every year.

The Apple Cleanse

These apple cleanse is one of those one-food-only cleanses that is surrounded by urban legend such as the stories about people living years longer by eating nothing but apples for years. You should ignore this type of lore and make sure that you eat apples for a few days or weeks.

Apples succeed as a diet food because they contain pectin fiber. This fiber sweeps debris out of the colon and also gets rid of bacteria. This is also a food that is low on the glycemic index which means that you are never in danger of getting a sugar rush from them. You will be less hungry and you can drink less water when on this diet because apples are not a heavy diuretic like grapes or watermelon.

For this cleanse, make sure you get organic apples, and that you wash them well and also peel them. Peel them even if they are organic. Although a lot of people claim that most of the nutrients are found in the peel, the peel is also indigestible, especially if you eat a lot of it.  However, the real concern is that there might be pesticides in the peel as well. You’ll get plenty of nutrients from eating the flesh of apples only, and they’ll be a lot easier to digest that way.

The Mono-Meal Cleanse

This very interesting way of cleansing allows you to eat different foods but you may only eat one kind of food per meal.  The food consumed should only be fresh fruits and vegetables. This cleanse excludes: nuts, avocados, oils juices, dried fruits, and anything that is not a fruit or vegetable, or any food you couldn’t make a meal of (herbs, lemons, etc.).

In the morning you can have mono-meal of bananas only. For lunch, some honeydew melon. And dinner could be tomatoes, followed by a snack of cucumbers.  Keep in mind too that you would not just be eating small amounts of these foods. You would be eating one to two pounds of melon at breakfast. Lunch would consist of six to eight bananas and a later snack would also be bananas. For dinner you would have tomatoes only.

This cleanse will bring you a lot of the benefits of the other mono-food cleanses, but it will be a lot easier to follow just simply because it does allow you to have a variety of foods.

So, if you have been saying to yourself, “I need to lose 50 pounds in 2 months” then embarking on one of the monodiets might be the answer. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before you embark on one.

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