Can You Lose 50 Pounds In 2 Months With Fast?

So, can you lose 50 pounds in 2 months like the obese individuals on those reality shows do? You can if you decide to cleanse your body by fasting every now and then.  Fasting has all kinds of benefits and even if you do it for a couple of days during that two months it will greatly expedite your weight loss goals.

Losing Weight in Two Months Fasting

Are you now asking yourself, “How long does it take to lose 50 pounds?” If you can fast at least once a week for one day you can accomplish this as long as it is a juice fast and not a fast that prescribes drinking water only. Drinking water only for one day will detoxify you too fast and you will get headaches, irritability or other unpleasant symptoms.  There are many juice fasts to choose from including the Master Cleanse, the Grape Cure, the Coco Juice Diet and the Smoothie Diet.

Types of Cleanses

There are different types of cleanses as well. There are mono-food cleanses where you eat only one food or meal per day. A good example of this is the Apple Cleanse where you eat one to two pounds of apples for every meal and drink nothing else but water for the rest of the day.

Another type of cleanse is the liquid cleanse where you drink water, water blended with juices or water blended with something. This type of cleanse becomes difficult to maintain because many people need to exclude the chewing action.

There are also raw food cleanses that are more like diets because they allow food. However the food allowed on these diets is quite restricted.

An example is the Green Cleanse which suggests that you consume at least 2 meals a day consisting of raw vegetables. On this diet, which was created by Victoria Boutenko, you can also eat fruit once a day.  For the third meal you can have a liquid or a smoothie or you can have a normal meal if you are really hungry.

What Happens During A Cleanse

After 1 day on a cleanse your digestive system is given a rest. Your body eliminates toxins and you feel lighter in spirit and body.

After 2 to 5 days of cleansing your body releases excess salt which causes you to lose water. This triggers the detoxification of tissues. It is usually from days 2 to 3 that people experience detox symptoms but usually they are mild. Some people experience for about a weeks.

After 7 days of cleansing you are going to start perceiving the logic behind how to lose 50 pounds in a couple of months this way. You will start seeing actual permanent weight loss. Your energy level rises and the body burns extra body fat. Many people also experience improved mental clarity and a clearer complexion.

After fasting for 2-3 weeks straight you will see your excess body fat being removed from your body right before your eyes. Excess salt is flushed from the system and foods taste better. Many people also start losing their cravings for foods that are bad for them at this Tim.

Once you have reached 30 days of cleansing and fasting you start to see incredible changes in your body. Your appearance, disposition, energy, flexibility and balance will be vastly improved!

About Enemas and Colonics

Not everybody needs to get an enema or colonic while fasting or cleansing but many naturopaths and doctors have recommended it.  Cleansing does not need to be complicated.  Your body can take over if you are drinking soluble fiber.

However sometimes you might need to give your body a boost by giving it an enema or irrigation of some kind. If this type of treatment does not work for you then you can try one of the herbal supplements available on the market to help get rid of mucoid plaque and other problems in your colon.

Can You Overdo Fasting?

As the benefits of cleansing improve over time it can be tempting to fast for more than a month. This is probably not a good idea. Fasting and cleansing can be addictive because it really does work when it comes to facilitating weight loss.

The bottom line is that not everyone can handle fasting for a whole months straight. You can actually harm your health if you overdo it.  A lot of this has to do with your general fitness, your psychological health, whether or not you are diabetic, whether or not you have underlying medical conditions and other issues.

Why Cleansing Promotes Fast and Simple Weight Loss

Cleansing and fasting works because it gives your digestion a rest. Your body is able to repair itself.  When you drink a lot of water you are able to flush that fat out of your body.

If you do a green cleanse then you might also experience some interesting side effects to go along with the weight loss and all of them will be positive. Many people have better breath and less tooth sensitivity. Sometimes hair growth becomes lusher and thicker.

The best cleanses for losing weight are those that do not allow anything cooked, salt, soy sauce, any type of fat or anything dried.  The minute these substances are introduced into the raw diet or cleansing fast you sabotage your weight loss. Sometimes even something very small like a bit of soy sauce in fresh tomato juice can trigger cravings for carbs or sugar.

Green smoothies are very much recommended if you want to lose a lot of weight in just a couple of months. They should consist of about sixty percent ripe fruit with forty percent green vegetables. This is the ratio of fruits to vegetables that keeps you from being hungry even over days and days of fasting.

It is also important to understand that even if you are cleansing all month with herbs, you are not necessarily fasting. Fasting means drinking liquids only. Many people take breaks every few days to eat some raw nutritious foods.

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