Lose 50 Pounds in 25 Weeks – Week 25

You have reached the final week of your 25 week program.  At the end of this week you will have lost 50 pounds by simply following the positive lifestyle habits that you built at the beginning of the program.  It is important to remain vigilant this final week in order to achieve your weight loss… [Continue Reading]


Lose 50 Pounds in 25 Weeks – Week 24

You have now lost a total of 46 pounds on your weight loss journey  You are so close to your goal you can almost reach out and touch it.  However, now is the time to continue with determination and motivation in order to fully reach your final weight loss goal. Continuing with your positive lifestyle… [Continue Reading]


Lose 50 Pounds in 25 Weeks – Week 23

You have now lost 44 pounds which is an amazing accomplishment.  You only have 6 pounds and 3 weeks on your weight loss program left to meet your 50 pound goal.  A 50 pound weight loss goal probably seemed like a daunting task at the beginning of your program.  However, now that you are so… [Continue Reading]


Lose 50 Pounds in 25 Weeks – Week 22

You have entered the final month of your weight loss program.  In this day and age of instant gratification you have completed over five months of your weight loss program and have lost 42 pounds; both of which are impressive achievements.  You also have built a number of positive lifestyle habits which serve as the… [Continue Reading]